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              Happy Holidays!

Happy New Year Baby -The Summats
(Written By Colin Bagley) 
The Summats seem to have the art of producing wonderfully infectious festive tracks all sewn up. This track packs a powerful pop/rock punch, there is also a huge helping of of 60's motown influence in the mix. It's is one of the few truly great new years songs out there, brilliant track!

St. Benedicts Christmas Fair
(Written By Lisa Redford)

This is a lilting folk based Christmas song from a wonderfully talented singer songwriter, both the song and the video have a very 'olde' world vibe going on, simply a very lovely song and great performance.

All I Want Is Christmas by The Summats
(Written By Colin Bagley & Tony Brown)

Brilliant original song from this British group who pay homage to the festive rock n roll greats of the past whilst tipping more than a passing nod to the Spector Christmas album. If this doesn't get you into the festive spirit, nothing will! 
 Available to download or stream from all good online stores.


No Christmas For Me - Zee Avi

Beautiful song in a early 20th century style from Malaysian songbird Zee Avi. It's incredibly difficult to play in a genre that has been around forever & still sound original but this young lady manages it wonderfully.

Christmas Wish At The End Of The Bar - The Vanishers Feat. Ginger St. James
Ontario's finest joins forces with Ms St.James to produce this bluesy/country part doo wop track that really hits the spot.  Both song and video are great!

My Favourite Time Of Year - The Florin Street Band
(Written By Leigh Haggerwood)

This song has been around for the past few years now and continues to grow in popularity. Lovely melody and sweet lyric. The video is a inspired piece of work utilising imagery from Victorian Christmas's past. Once this tune is in your head it will stay there all year! Just wonderful

Bloody Good Christmas
  (Written by Jamie Hawkins)

 There is something touching about this song which makes you listen again and again.
Great acoustic sound throughout with archetypal acerbic Brit-folk lyrics. Quite simply, its a great song.

A Christmas Tune - Shauni Williams
(Written by Shauni Williams)

 This is a lovely work by Shauni Williams with a theme which takes us right back to what Christmas is actually all about. Well constructed, well produced and great vocals. Lovely song!

It's So Cold Out (Every Christmas) - Greatest its
(Written by Shaun Stabley)

A festive song,  possibly influenced by Morrissey/The Smiths, along with the unusual inclusion of Dylan/Springsteen like harmonica in a Christmas song which works surprisingly well.

Song for Santa (Jingle Your Own Damn Bells!)
(Written By Stephen Nance)

Stephen Nance, piano playing native of Oregon brings us his own slant on the Festive song, politically charged, lots of message but still a whole lot of fun. Definitely not trying to woo the masses but still can't avoid a good old hook in the chorus. Highly original

The Magic Of Christmas (Performed by Christian Holiday)

This is a rambling country ballad which captures the very essence of the festive holiday period. Performed by 'Christian Holiday' on suited records.  We would imagine that 'Christian Holiday' isn't the performers real name but he shouldn't be hiding his light under a bushel, he has a very soft melodious voice which is perfect for this track.
Great sing along chorus which also keeps the religious aspect of the holiday very much in focus. Nice song!

The Spirit Of Christmas (Performed by Gnashing)

 A typically tropical reggae vibe is very much to the fore in this festive belter. Nice video in the snow too! The song moves along in the laid back style typical of the genre without ever losing its melody or meaning. Strong lyrics, this is a very good song, Love it!

It's Christmastime Written and performed by Lisa Brigantino

 This is a beautiful festive piano ballad, impeccably performed by miss Brigantino. The vocal washes over you with a quality reminiscent of Karen Carpenter, whilst the piano forms a wonderful backdrop.  It is lovely song, very well performed.  

Gift Card by The Snake Oil Willie Band

 There always has to be room for a fun track at Christmas, and this is certainly in that category. The Snake Oil Willie Band shamelessly climb onto the bandwagon with their great track 'Gift Card'. Lots of fun, very catchy and the video is excellent.


Its Christmas Time - Performed by Saskia Eng
(Written by John McKeever and Lee-Ann McClaren)

 This is a new and original song performed by Saskia Eng, a highly talented young songstress from Edinburgh, Scotland. Opens with a nice piano vocal, lulling you into a festive ballad mode before it picks up and becomes a very good mid tempo track with a chorus which very quickly becomes ear worm worthy. Very good track!

Jingle Jangle Christmas - Performed by Tucker Murray, DeAnne Stewart and Santa's helpers
(Written by Tucker Murray & DeAnne Stewart)

 This is pure joy, lovely harmonies, great song and beautifully performed. The video is great too, clearly people enjoying what they are doing and that's kind of the point...isn't it? Love the song, love the video. 

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